What are My Options?

When it comes to your Pool Deck, you have most of the same options as you would have for most Hardscape projects. You can Choose from:

Stamp Concrete

Stain Concrete

Exposed Aggregate

Masonry Materials

Applications. All of these options have long been used for pool surroundings and patios. They provide a durable and elegant surface that will last for many years. We have Dedicated a Full Section on Hardscape Applications and Options.

Pool Coping

What is it?

The edges and corners of the swimming pool are called swimming pool coping. There are four main kinds of swimming pool coping, named as rolled edge coping, cantilevered coping, bull-nosed coping and rough-cut coping. All these four types are very famous and they are mostly used for the swimming pools.

Rolled edge coping is frequently used for the swimming pools. Rolled edge coping is mostly made from brick. It is also made from, and available in concrete or cast stone. Rolled edge coping is very smooth. Rolled edge coping is upturned at its edges and it really helps and give swimmers some place to grab. Therefore rolled edge coping is a very good choice for the swimming pools, because it provides some sort of safety to the swimmers at the time of coming out from the swimming pools.

Cantilevered coping is straight on top, and then it is straight a little bit, and then drops down at 90 degree angle. Cantilevered coping gives a modern look to the pool and is commonly used today. The shape of cantilevered coping is L shapes, and the shape of the cantilevered coping makes it much thicker than it actually looks like or than actually it is.

Bull-nosed coping is another popular and most used type of swimming pool coping. Bull-nosed coping is mostly made from stone or smoothly brick. It is also made from cast stone. Bull-nosed coping is flat from its edges and it is flat with a rounded end.

Rough-cut coping is made from rough stone and has a textured edge. It gives a casual look to the swimming pool. All these four types are the mostly used and popular types of swimming pool coping. You can also use tiles for your swimming pool coping. Tiles are also a very good option for swimming pool coping. Tile coping really makes it easier to clean the pool and you can easily brush off all the dirt and scum from the tile. But it is not easy to clean, if you have a concrete coping.

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