What is a Retaining Wall?

A Retaining Wall is a barrier that is constructed to resist the pressure of soil when projects require changes in elevations.The active pressure increases on the retaining wall proportionally from zero at the upper grade level to a maximum value at the lowest depth of the wall.

What is a Block Wall?

Block walls are often installed as privacy walls to block off sections of a property, either from the street or from other portions of the site. Block walls are also very commonly constructed for Noise Control around highways or busy streets. They also help to provide privacy and privacy and security for homeowners who live along busy streets.

A Block Wall will usually rests on a foundation, footers or concrete slab.

What is a Garden Wall?

A Garden wall is a great way of adding multiple levels of flower arrangements and add a decorative feel to the perimeter of your property.

Garden walls can me made from block, stone, or brick.

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